Who am I?
I am a freelance "visual media professional" nestled in the heart of Texas. Which means I produce, direct, shoot and edit videos in Austin, TX. I also script supervise for projects like feature films, short films, commercials and television. I'd like to do more of that. You'll most likely find me traipsing around town with my dog, seated firmly at the nearest Alamo Drafthouse, tending to my garden or feeding the chickens.

What is this site?
When working for yourself, it can be difficult to maintain structure and discipline. This website is my way of keeping things organized. Originally, it was just a medium to display my work to potential clients. Moving forward, I hope it can be more of a catalog of my adventures, thoughts, aspirations and progress.

The best way to reach me is via email or you can find me on one of the various social media sites I am plugged into. I would love to hear about upcoming projects in Texas, or otherwise, in which I might be of assistance. But a simple "hello" is always welcome!

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Q: How old are you?  |  A: 28
Q: What kind of pants did you wear today?  |  A: sweat pants
Q: What's the last thing you Googled?  |  A: The flag of Mars
Q: Do you have a roommate?  |  A: Yes. I have two.
Q: What is your favorite television program?  |  A: Broad City
Q: Did you go for a jog today like you said you would?  |  A: Yes*
Q: Where were you from?  |  A: Concord, CA
Q: Are you good at making pizza?  |  A: Absolutely
Q: Left or right handed?  |  A: Right! Lefties can't be trusted.
Q: What is your favorite band?  |  A: St. Vincent
Q: How long have you been vegetarian?  |  A: 8.5 years
Q: What did your family look like circa 1990?  |  A: This.
Q: What's the best Girlscout cookie?  |  A: Tagalongs, of course.
Q: Do you have any pet peeves?  |  A: When people drive slow in the fast lane
Q: What is gluten?  |  A: Delicious.

*Let's be serious. Probably not.